After last week’s scramble to get some good pictures for my first Scavenger Hunt Sunday entry, I decided to start this week off armed and dangerous. Well, armed anyway, with my trusty Nikon of course! I seriously took it everywhere we went, and I’m sure glad I did because I was able to get some pretty fun and different shots!

1. Against the Light 

 This was actually the last shot I got. I had taken one on my phone on a walk, but the quality just wasn’t quite where I wanted it to be. So, while getting the button shot, I saw some opportunity to play around with some sun flare – not quite what I wanted, but I’m only just figuring it out (any tips?)

2. Frame Within a Frame

This selection was the one I was the most excited to try out. I had many visions in my head, but nothing I took jumped out at me until I got this one at our zoo splash pad. SUCCESS!  (Check out here for the post about shooting frames within a frame.)

And this one I took with my phone – loving vignette for android users!

 3. Best Part of Your Day

This was a tough one. But the first thing that came to mind was my cuppa coffee every morning. Like a good friend, definitely (one of) the things I look forward to most each day.

4. Buttons


Keekers playing with Great Grandma’s buttons. This is going to be one of our homeschool activites come the start of school in a few weeks.

Really? Seriously? Only a few weeks until school starts? I am so ready. I think.

5. Ink

These are chocolate covered oreos with damask patterned sugar sheets that I made for a bridal shower yesterday. Double yum-o!


Come along on the scavenger hunt and have some photo clicking fun!