New books in our house get poured over and devoured within moments of their arrival. But there are only 2 kinds of books that my boys will pull out nearly every couple of days to read and read and read – books about sea creatures, and our Answers Books for Kids.


I know why I like these books – but I thought I’d get it straight from the horses’ mouth (well, my 8 year olds’ mouth anyway :D) as to just what is so special about these books.


What do you like about the Answers books?

Mostly the questions and answers and pictures. I like the design for the pictures (especially #6, for the animals).

There’s lots of facts about creation vs. evolution, and #6 is full of the most interesting facts because it talks about Babel, and has bible verses you can look up. They also prove that stuff didn’t happen over millions of years.

How do they prove that?

They prove it by reading from God’s word.

Ken Ham puts a lot of creation stuff in #6 and questions on the fall and Ice Age.

In #5 it shows that the creation of the earth didn’t happen over millions of years, and that the big bang isn’t true. It also tells lots of facts about our atmosphere and galaxy.

It’s actually amazing to see everything that God created, like shooting stars and galaxies, to see that everything is made by him and not randomly evolved from another creature. I like that the books also correct evolutionary debates. I like to learn about the meteor showers that happen on summer nights.

If you were to tell someone why they should read these books, what would you say?

I would encourage them and read them a bible verse, and give one of these books to them. I would say it might answer some of the questions they might have about creation and God.


The fun doesn’t start with #5 and #6 of The Answers Books for Kids! There are 4 other volumes before, also jam-packed with questions from kids all about God and his creation. They can be purchased directly from New Leaf Publishing or on Amazon.