This week we’ve been taking a great chunk out of our read aloud goals! Most of the time I’m skipping listing the smaller stuff we’re reading, since we go through so much of it, but I’ll be listing more of the larger, chapter books.

To start of with, JJ  just turned 5 in January, and suddenly something clicked in his head with reading! He could do fine reading short phonics books, but put actual, bigger sentences in front of him and he was struggling. He IS only 5! However, he’s now reading anything and everything he can get his hands on – not really advanced stuff, but definitely up from where he was at the beginning of the year! Multiple times during the day this is the scene that meets my eyes:

I love it! One of my biggest fears was teaching my children to read (and excel at math, cuz I stink at it) – and so far it’s being completely squashed b/c both boys LOVE to read!

We’re also reading through Little House in the Big Woods – we’re reading from the original book from the series I read and loved growing up! It’s falling apart, so we have to be extra careful.

The weather this week cooperated and provided us with some snow to make…maple candy!

Except that I didn’t do something right, so it ended up more like maple flavoured snow.

They ate it for a while (WHAT?! Mom’s letting us eat snow?!)…

until they decided to start hiding things in it and go on a treasure hunt.

On Christmas Day, Laura Ingalls and her sister and cousins head out into the snow to make “snow pictures”. So we decided to do the same!

The kids didn’t want to fall face first into the snow (as you can see, it isn’t very deep!), so we settled for snow angels instead.

Which, of course, turned into a snowball fight!

You can guess who that snowball is headed for :0)

We’re reading some stories from the Blue Fairy Book – so far Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast (on librivox, it’s a long one!). Of course Keeker was THRILLED, and the boys haven’t minded reading “girl stories” too much :D I am amazed at how far from the original the Disney movies have strayed – it was good to read them again and be reminded!

The Boy (almost 7) is finishing up Tornado by Betsy Byers (he loves reading it to his dog-dog) and I have Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Margeurite Henry up next for him! He will be alternating this with reading from James’ Herriot and his novel study with our co-op on The Minstrel in the Tower.

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