Some of my favourite books to read are non-fiction based on biblical accounts. The authors always put such a great amount of research into each book to ensure they are biblically accurate, and help you to better understand the historical, social and cultural context and importance.


I Am Ruth by Brenda Duff is a scriptural account of the story of Ruth and Naomi. The book contains the full text of the book of Ruth, and is full of photographs taken in Israel to illustrate the story as it is retold.


But it is so much more than just a re-telling of two women and their faith. The book separates into a focus on Faith, Loyalty, Grace and Restoration, delving deep into the background and cultural context of the time. The meanings of the laws, symbols and traditions are explained and as you read, biblical truth comes alive.


The stories and genealogies of the Old Testament are so intertwined and yet sometimes difficult to understand. I Am Ruth takes you back to passages from the time of Abraham, Jacob and Joseph, as well as the genealogies of Jesus, to bring new meaning to this story.


You’ll see with new understanding how God is and has been at work in every situation and circumstance, from the very beginning, as each person’s story points back to Jesus and God’s plan of redemption.c

Here is photographer Ken Berg talking more about the book:

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