Last week in our 31 Days of Making Purchases That Make a Difference series, we spent each day learning about businesses that support ethical, fair trade fashion and products for kids.

You can see a brief summary of what these companies are and what they have to offer in this post here. We took a break yesterday for our Canadian Thanksgiving family celebration, and are back this week with more great fair trade companies and ministries for you to check out.

Today I’d like to introduce you to:

Global Mothers

Global Mothers logo


Imagine: Mothers in Africa, South America and Asia leading their families, communities and countries out of poverty; women in North America changing how they buy and joining together to rewrite the stories of poverty in the Global South; 1,000,000 women and 10,000 communities empowered and changed forever. We dare to dream big; join us.

hathay_bunano global mothers

This kind of attitude in each of us is the kind of attitude that starts and sees through the change that is needed to globally impact the way we shop and how things are produced. I love the mission of Global Mothers to connect OUR hearts with the hearts of women around the world who are working to support their families, send their children to school and not the work house, to better their community, encourage their husbands, and become leaders in their country – giving them hope.

Living Hope Global Mothers

Shopping ethically produced, fair trade items makes us stop and think. It’s not just “What is this product made of?” anymore. It’s so much bigger than that!

Global Mothers President, Peter Mogan says we need to start thinking:

What good can I do? What difference can I make in someone else’s life when I make this product choice?


Global Mothers works with artisans and NGOs (non-government, non-profit, voluntary organizations) to provide products and a market in which to sell them. The artisans are from countries such as Bangladesh, Rwanda, Ecuador and India, and each works with an organization or business in their area to produce the quality items that Global Mothers sells online.

By creating market access in North America, mothers in Africa, Asia and South America are able to start and grow their own businesses and care for their families.

Read more of the stories of women and mothers whose lives have been changed by the impact of Global Mothers.

Basha Global Mothers

Like Basha, a small jewelry and textile business in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its vision is to invest in women who are undervalued or marginalized within society, providing them with skills and confidence to build their own business. Currently Basha works with 40+ women providing:

  • Counseling
  • Medical services for the women and their family
  • 1 hour of classes in Bangla and English every day
  • Onsite daycare for young children and subsidies for older children to attend school
  • Loans and profit sharing, plus training around savings and loans with interest free savings and loans
  • Regular team meetings to address issues amongst the women
  • Regular team building days for the women, their families and the community

Gogo Olive Global Mothers

Gogo Olive is an income generating project for women based in Zimbabwe. They create employment opportunities for local women, and a vision of hope as they learn their craft and skills. Gogo Olive is divided into 2 sections – Gogo Olive Knits, the knitting project that produces the Gogo Olive products and Gogo Olive Cares, the welfare part of the project that focuses on how we can practically address the women’s physical, spiritual, emotional and mental needs.

How to Get Involved

First of all, SHOP! Global Mothers has a large variety of BEAUTIFUL handmade products for the home, kids, jewelry, accessories.

I’m in love with this Chevron Necklace (there’s also a matching cuff!)

Global Mothers chevron necklace

as well as this recycled paper Omunyenye (star) Bracelets and pink studs.

omunyenye Global mothers

pepito studs global mothers

The Monster Rattles for kids are so fun and the Wood Animal Toys are beautifully made.

Global Mothers MonsterRattles

Wood-Animal-Toys Global Mothers

There are also beautiful baby blankets, a gorgeous wood bird mobile,  lots of pillows for kids’ room decor, and so much more!

Kantha baby blankets


Wood-Bird-Mobile GLobal Mothers

If you want to get even more involved, you can sign up to be a Global Mothers Ambassador, or host a home party (Canadian residents only).

Global Mothers host a party

Think a product party, in the comfort of your home, sharing the vision and ministry of Global Mothers with your friends and family, while getting a chance to see and touch the amazing, lovingly made products from around the world.