At a birthday party over the weekend, the kids got some really cute animal face masks. Unfortunately, The Boy lost his on the park nearby before we could left and we were unable to find it. So to avoid WWIII over the remaining ones, I told him we could get him another one (thankfully they were just from the dollar store :D), or better yet, I could make him one!

He declined a homemade one, wanting the same as the other kids had. Until I told him I could make him an Angry Birds mask. Suddenly he was all interested! As were JJ and Keekers. I had seen some photos of ones I pinned for party ideas, but hadn’t actually found any tutorials on how to make it. So on Sunday afternoon we pulled out the supplies to see what we could do. And it was fortunately very easy!

DIY: Angry Birds Mask Tutorial

Easy Angry Bird masks with felt

Here’s what you need:

  • coloured felt
  • scissors
  • sharpie or fabric chalk
  • hot glue gun (or fabric glue)
  • embroidery thread and needle
  • elastic
  • fabric measuring tape

First, I measured their faces – ear to ear and forehead to nose, to get a basic size to cut my felt from.


Once I had the rectangle cut, I had them hold it up to their faces while I traced a basic mask outline on their faces with a sharpie (we ended up with some sharpie marker on our fingers from handling the felt after, so chalk would have probably been a better option).
Measuring the mask

Cut out the mask shape. Decide what angry bird your child wants to be – mine chose the green one with the huge beak (that was a bit tricky!), red angry bird, and white angry bird with girlie accessories (for Keeker).

Have them hold the mask up to their face again to check the size – make any necessary adjustments. Trace the eye shape over their face, then cut out (away from their faces obviously! :D)

Cut eyebrows and a beak (and any other accessories) out of the felt. For the green toucan-type beak, we decided to just do a head-on view instead of a big, huge long beak. Keekers’ had cute little eyelashes instead of eyebrows, and a pink bow on top.

Glue the eyebrows on with hot or fabric glue. Sew the beak and feather tufts using embroidery thread that at least coordinates enough to not stand out a lot. You could also just glue them on, but the sewing will make it last longer.

Sew the elastic on to one side of the mask, then measure around your child’s head for the right fit. Cut the elastic and sew to the other side of the mask. If the felt is a bit itchy on their face, you can always line it with cotton – initially I had complaints, but they’ve been wearing them for 2 days now and no one has said a word!
Girlie angry bird mask

And that’s pretty much it! I really wanted to make a piggie mask, but no one wanted it. I guess I’ll have to make it for Baby Girl for when she’s born :D

DIY Angry Birds Masks

As a funny little aside, my hubby found this graphic this morning. Muppets combined to turn into Angry Birds! It’s pretty funny, and accurate looking!

Let me know how it goes if you make these, or if you have any other mask tutorials to share! I have lots of felt leftover :0)