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Over the month of December, we took a bit of a break from our regular daily bible study times to spend time on Advent and the birth of Jesus. Now that we are back into our normal routine (somewhat anyway!), we are also back to our usual Breakfast and Bible study. My husband’s schedule has changed a bit – where before we would have family devotions before he went to work, we now have them at the end of our day. This actually works out better because I was doing Breakfast and Bible right after our family devos, and the kids were having a hard time absorbing everything – IE paying attention :D This way the time is broken up throughout the day, and though we still have attention issues, the time spent is better used.

We’ve been using a really fantastic bible study tool lately, written especially for families, called The Dig For Kids.


Click here to visit The Dig for Kids

It is written by a father of 4, Patrick Schwenk (you may have heard of his wife Ruth Schwenk of The Better Mom!) and started as a desire for them to teach their children God’s word. It is so important for us to teach our children God’s word throughout every moment of the day, but sometimes it’s difficult to know how or where to start. This bible study has been fantastic for giving me a starting point to launch into a study and discussion of the bible.

Right now we are working through the book of Luke, studying a section of scripture each day. Doc is a guy who encourages kids to enjoy reading God’s word by giving them some great study tools – The Map (where you’re headed), The Dig (portion of scripture for the day), The Treasure (the main idea) and The Display (how it applies to our own lives).

Why do I love The Dig for Kids? It’s short, to the point – each lesson focuses on just a few verses and one main theme. It’s easy for them to understand, yet indepth. There’s a question, application at the end of each one, encouraging us to do something and think over what we just read. For young ones just learning to summarize and comprehend, it’s so important to make sure they’re understanding what you’re reading to them. And this helps ensure it’s not going over their heads.


It’s also FUN! Since we do it during breakfast, it provides opportunities for us to work on what we read throughout the day. Every few lessons there’s also an Oasis Activity – a little break and review with a fun coloring page. And my kids do love to colour :0)

So if you’re looking for a bible study to do with your family, check out The Dig For Kids! We can’t wait to see what comes next after Luke!


How do you spend time teaching God’s word to your children?

What are your favourite resources?

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