It’s been a good week offline, though I didn’t stay completely out of the loop, it was good to have the break and time to focus in the word, prayer and preparing for the upcoming school year. After an afternoon of pulling everything out then putting it all away in tears and feeling overwhelmed, I was able to get things sorted out, set up separate schedules for the kids (instead of having us all on one sheet, each child gets their own) and get somewhat of a feel of what our school year is going to look like. I’ll have a more detailed day-in-the-life post once we get going next week, so stay tuned for that!

For now, the excitement of the week has been preparing for a DOUBLE Gender Reveal Party with friends of ours who are due basically the same day we are!

Erin had the idea way back when we both first found out our due dates were so close, but neither of us were sure we would find out the gender. So once we were able to find ours out, I pestered her to death to get her to find out for theirs. And they did it! The only difference was, they put their reveal in an envelope, so they wouldn’t know until the day of the reveal. We had already told family members on each side what we were having, but our kids didn’t know, and we were really excited to reveal it to our friends who could make it.

So, blue or pink? What do you think?

We had everyone place a vote for what they thought each of us were having. There was SUPPOSED to be a prize, but pregnancy brain over here forgot to hand it out! Eh well, I’m sure they didn’t miss all the extra candy :D

 We had pink punch with raspberries, and blue punch (the recipe I got was from Tidy Mom – next time I would use 7up or Sprite instead of gingerale, ours turned out more teal than blue!), lots of candies in either colour and some HErSHEy’s chocolate bars :D

I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese icing and little blue and pink fondant “gingerbread babies” on top. We had an AMAZING potato bar with loads of toppings and chili – so yummy!

We invited mutual friends of both of ours and some family members on Erin’s side who came last minute – just a small crowd, but the kids were almost outnumbering the adults!

Erin’s idea for their gender reveal was to do balloons in a box. Neither she nor her hubby knew what they were having, so they had neighbours put the right colour of balloons in the box and then open it and reveal to all what they were having.


It was such a cute result, here’s the sequence of shots of them opening the box!


 Yay! It’s a girl! I TOTALLY thought they were having another boy, but was definitely beyond thrilled to find out they’re having a girl!

Since we had already done a cupcake AND cake reveal with our family members, I wanted to do something a little bit different so it would be fun for everyone involved to see what we’re having. So the pinata reveal was born!

I stuffed it full of easter grass leftover from last year in the right colour, along with toys and treats for the kids who would be there.

I was afraid it would break too soon, but I needn’t have been! We went through almost 3 rounds of the kids taking turns smacking our poor Squirt (as the kids named him).

Finally daddy had to step in and take his head off (yes, one or two of the kids were traumatized :D hard to avoid when it’s such a cute little turtle!).

And it’s a………


Yes, that’s right, barring the tiniest possibility that the ultrasound was wrong, God is adding another little lady to our family!

Keeker is BEYOND thrilled (she’s been saying “No, it’s a girl” since week 18!) and has already decided her name is to be Lucy – along with every other one of her stuffed animals.

The boys wanted a boy so they could get more Lego (heh heh) but are just as thrilled with a new baby sister.

And it’s really exciting that Erin and I are sharing due dates and BOTH having girls! I’m sure they’ll grow up to be great friends :0)

We are so blessed with our family, and as someone commented last night, we will now have the BILLION dollar family ;0)  I never thought I would be a mama to a girl, let alone have the privilege of raising two of them, along with two boys. God has been good to us!

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