I haven’t been keeping up with the 3in30 progress reports because I haven’t been making much progress! But here is an update anyway:

1. Finish menu planning board – done! Look for a post soon on how I did it!

2. Finish reading “Seventh Day” – ummm, 1/3 finished? :D

3. Wrap up the homeschool schedule – egads! I have only 2 weeks left (here in Canada we start AFTER Labour Day – September 6 – , why do Americans go back so soon?) and I have done ZILCH, NADA on this! I was planning on doing it last week, but my hubby whisked me away to Lancaster, PA for 5 days. I am not complaining, it was actually just the breather from feeling overwhelmed and under-prepared that I needed to ACTUALLY tackle the school schedule.

Check back next week to see if I finish goal 3. It’s kinda important :D

3in30 Challenge