July is over and we’re full-on into the month of August. Primarily my goals need to be focusing around getting our school year in order, but I’m continuing on some of my July goals into August as they’re still not quite in the habit category.

August Goals – Personal

  • wake up at 5:30 (gradually working back to 5:00 by September I’m hoping!)
  • quiet time BEFORE online time: I’m working through Psalms with women from church, and I’ve just discovered YouVersion – have you heard of it?! I kept hearing about it but didn’t look into it until last week. AMAZING bible reading plans on there, topical or by books, a couple of days to weeks or more. You should check it out!
  • develop a better habit of prayer: for myself, for my boys, husband and daughter
  • 3 hot breakfasts a week – I’ll be sharing some make-ahead recipes coming up to help make this an easier habit to follow
  • organize the homeschool room: This goal has to be finished by next week for the Not-Back-To-School Blog Hop’s School Room Link-Up :D We’re making some major changes and moving a lot of furniture around, I’m excited about the end result!
  • organize my  side of the bedroom – I have clothing ALL over the place from moving my mat clothes into the drawers. It needs to be put into the closet and in the under-bed storage bins.
  • organize sewing area – I’ve decided that until I have this completed, I will not pursue any sewing projects. My pillows will have to wait!
  • DAILY recording gifts


August Goals – Marriage

  • date night did NOT happen in July :0( So we’re well due for a couple this month!
  • start reading Shepherding a Child’s Heart together
  • pray for each other, together


August Goals – Children and Homeschooling

  • Start scheduling our school year, at least through September, MAYBE up to November (we are taking December off to focus on Advent and our new little addition :D)
  • Continue memorizing Psalm 103 (we’re up to verse 7!)
  • Read 2 chapters aloud each day
  • Start focusing on one habit a month – the habit for August is “Put away what you take out“. This one is HUGE because once school starts time will be tighter, so I would really like to get the kids used to putting an activity back as soon as they’re finished and BEFORE taking the next one out!

What goals are you tackling through the month of August?