Over the past 12 weeks I’ve been studying with a HEAP of other women from all over through 1 Peter. Today I had a revelation. I realized that these past 12 weeks of studying have been a roller coaster in the health department in our home. Nothing major, but definitely an extended, prolonged period of sickness like we’ve never seen before. And what does a lot of 1 Peter focus on? Rejoicing and being glad through trials.

I shouldn’t be surprised. God has always been faithful to reveal to me in his word EXACTLY what I’m going through. Sometimes it just takes me longer than others. But as we begin to wrap 1 Peter up, it’s hitting me over and over again. Perhaps this has been his grace and mercy in allowing us to go through this trying time WHILE encouraging and strengthening me in that exact area through His word.

Trials don’t have to be fiery, or life-threatening. My husband and I were talking – what makes a trial a trial? Perhaps it is simply the length of time you go through it.

It makes me wonder how much I miss out on receiving life and breath from God’s word when I miss the opportunity to study? God’s word is always at my fingertips. ALWAYS. On my computer, laptop, through many bibles in the house, phone, through prayer and e-mails…always available. And yet I still neglect to take full advantage of the time I have to study, learn, absorb, meditate on his word.

God’s word is my COUNSELOR. (Psalm 119:24)

Have I asked him to teach me his statutes? Asked him to make me understand? (Psalm 119:27)

I am thankful that he has done JUST THAT, without my even asking him – teaching me through my daily experiences, highlighting his word in my life.

Rejoice and be glad when HIS GLORY is revealed through your suffering. (1 Peter 4:13)

Dear one, don’t fight the suffering and the trial – ENTRUST your soul to your God who is faithful! (1 Peter 4:19)

He’s got this.

#1000 Gifts via Instagram :D

560. Apple cake for supper

561. The season’s first clementines

562. Meals brought by others

563. Our house CLEANED – a generous gift from a friend!

564. New winter coats, boots

565. Pulling out the ski gear :D

566. Leaves from different maple trees, once dancing above our heads, now being danced upon under our feet

567. A not-too-busy weekend together with family

568. Canadian healthcare!

569. Amazing insurance coverage

570. Freedom to worship God!

571. Intermittent flakes blowing through the air

572. The sun rising earlier :D

573. Egg nog lattes

574. Popcorn for supper

575. Booster juice smoothies after a midwife appointment

576. Beautiful fall walks and healthy baby!

577. God’s word always at my fingertips.

578. Little ones learning to serve.

579. Friendships near and far