3in30 Challenge

Well, my first week on the 3in30 challenge has been interesting! Here’s my update on the first week of August:

1. Finish my menu planning board – I have made tremendous headway on this! I promise, once it is finished, I will post details. It isn’t complicated, it is just more work than 5 minutes at a time that I usually have. I need to finish compiling all my recipes, then enter them into saymmm (if you have not heard about this, you need to check it out – NOW! It keeps track of what is needed for each recipe, you can plan your menus in it, then get it to generate a grocery list based on your recipes – and it’s all FREE!!!!!).

2. Finish reading Seventh Day – yyyyeahh. I am not doing so well on this one. It’s a good thing I threw a frivolous one in there!

3. Wrap up the homeschool schedule – Well, I purchased my planner! The lovely Jolanthe of Homeschool Creations has a fantastic, editable and save-able (that is not a word :D) one for a really good price, so I bought it and tomorrow the hubby is taking the kids out so I can tackle the first bit. I’ve decided to just plan semesters at a time since this is really my first time planning it all out. and I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew.


In all, a good week so far! I have a lot on my plate preparing for a friend’s bridal shower also, so I’m glad I accomplished as much as I have.