I have been seeing the 3in30 hashtag on twitter for quite a while now and have only just recently figured out what it is!

Meghan Tucker of The Tuckers Take Tennessee and Ashley Pichea from L.I.F.E by Ashley Pichea started the idea of breaking down our goal lists into bite-sized portions which are actually doable.

Thus was born the 3in30 idea. And what a fantastic idea it is! There is a weekly link-up to help you keep track of how you are doing, and to encourage others along the way.

If you’re interested in joining, go to 3in30, sign up, figure out your goals for the month, and away you go!


3in30 for August 2011

1. Finish my menu planning board and list of recipes for the months ahead.

2. Finish reading Thoene’s “Seventh Day

3. Wrap up the homeschool schedule


3in30 Challenge