This is the story of a girl….

Love hats and horses

…whose love for horses and cowboy hats began at a young age and would prove to be a delight for many years.

Old Western family

New Zealand rodeo

The eldest of 4

Eldest of 4

who, before her 30th year, would herself become a mother of 4.

My 4 blessings

A dream that began young,

Motherhood dreams
God saw fit to fulfill.

Motherhood dreams come true

Her loving parents trained her up in the way she should go,

MY mom

My dad

baby dedication


teaching her diligently in the Word and schooling her at home….

Homeschool graduation

….so that she too would desire to teach her own children.


Apologia science


A young woman with a hunger for adventure, traveling the world from Italy and Barbados as a nanny, to New Zealand and Australia as a student.

Travel adventures

A stubborn tomboy who, for the sake of her future daughters and husband, is so happy her mom kept encouraging her to wear dresses :0)


A girl who would meet
Falling in love
fall in love with
met and married


wedding day
and spend her life with the man of her dreams.


30 Golden years. So much has happened. So much of my life has changed. I am wiser, yet still learning. Stronger, but leaning into Christ in my weakness. More passionate, more loving, more hungry and thirsty for righteousness. More blessed by every passing day.

30, you’re looking pretty awesome. It’s nice to meet you :0)

And just because it’s my birthday, I want to share a few of my favourite things with YOU!

Birthday gift

 bible study bundle


(Leave me a comment to enter, I’ll draw a winner on April 6th!)