Shhh…..we use pancake mix to make our pancakes. But don’t tell anyone ;0)

While I do make our favourite waffle recipe from scratch, I have never been satisfied with a scratch pancake recipe yet.

Actually, I should clarify. My HUSBAND hasn’t been satisfied. And he’s the King of Pancakes. He grew up in a family of 8 kids, and when his mom made pancakes (and still does), she used the mix and made, quite literally, “pan cakes”. It was like eating a cake, drowned in syrup, but the syrup soaked into the pancake like a sponge, so it was heavy-duty.

Now many people like their pancakes that way. I never really had an opinion about pancakes as they weren’t my favourite thing to eat. However, when my Opa made his famous “pannenkoek” (Dutch for “pancake” – but really more like crepes) for us up at the cottage, you can bet we inhaled them!

But when my hubby and I first got married, he totally changed my view of pancakes. It all happened when we went camping at Lake Tahoe, and he insisted on making the pancakes.

Well, they were a sight to behold! They were light, fluffy, smoooooooooooth going down.
And of course, since we were camping, from a mix. And a mix that required eggs and oil at that! What were we to do?!?! We had neither!
Never fear, ingenuity is here! In the shape and form of Hubbercraft.
And now, for the greatest tip of all time when it comes to pancake mix. Are you ready for it? Can you handle it?!?!?
You don’t need it. The eggs. The oil. Scrap it.
What’s that you say?!?! Yup, you heard me. All the manufacturers out there who charge more for the “just add water” mixes? They’re yankin’ your wallet. Because, you really only need to add water to the mixes that call for eggs and oil! And you’ll never, EVER notice a difference.
Now aren’t you glad I shared that great money saving tip with you? Ha ha. In reality though, it only saves you a little. But I thought you just might like to know :0)
As for who makes the pancakes in our house? Hubby is still the King. We differ on our opinions of the best way to make them. He prefers butter in the pan, I like the spray. He prefers to do one small pancake in the center of the pan at a time, I’d rather do 3 to get it over with faster.
So we took pictures to see whose method is best.
Oil Only
Butter, 1 at a time
You be the judge :0)