One of my August 3in30 goals was to finish my menu plan board. This has been a long project that began before April with this inspiration. But when we finally got everything priced out, it was going to cost upwards of $50! Instead of spending the money, I went back to the drawing board :D ha ha

And came up with this!


Really, it’s nothing spectacular, but it sure is a bit of work to put together! (Excuse the photos underneath – those are our sponsored kiddos and missionary thru Gospel for Asia! The cork board at the bottom of the board was the perfect place to keep them close, on our minds and in our prayers.)

 After searching many stores for many weeks and almost completely giving up, I found this dry erase AND magnetic board at Michaels on clearance ($3.50!)

Then I got to work with the rest of my supplies. If you want to make your own, here’s what you need:

  • magnetic dry erase board
  • scrap book paper (scraps are fine!)
  • sticky-backed magnet strips (I bought them in sheets from the dollar store and cut them to size)
  • time
First, compile your recipes into one spot. I just recently found out about Say Mmm and am in LOVE! I have tried menu planning multiple times for many years without success for various reasons. But this FREE online resource seems to be the answer! Check out my friend Darla’s post on how to use it.
Next, cut out the magnets the size you want.
Then cut your paper to fit the magnets and stick them on.
Write your meals on the paper-covered magnets. Finally, draw up your menu plan and put the meals on each day.
I chose to plan only 2 weeks at a time since things are changing a lot throughout the week here with my hubby’s long-ish commute to work, and that’s also about all I can handle for groceries at a time. I also chose to just put the main meals on the magnets, but I keep a list of side dishes handy and write them in dry erase marker underneath each meal.
I am hoping to get my menu plans up and share through Menu Plan Mondays!  If you have ever wondered about doing menu planning, let me speak from the perspective of someone who has tried to make it work and failed but kept on trying – it IS a bit of work. At the beginning. But once you get into a good routine (and with the help of Say Mmm it will come quicker!) it becomes easier and easier.
Have fun menu planning!
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