We did it! In just about a month and a half, we memorized Colossians 3:12-17! I am amazed at how quickly the kids picked up on the verses – something like a snowball effect – the more verses we memorized, the more they remembered them! We did take a week or two off for sickness, so I think we were able to accomplish quite a bit.

Here’s a video of The Boy recapping for you. Excuse the hurriedness – we need to practice slowing down a touch!

Funny side note – while watching the video after, at one of the places where he pauses, he corrected himself and told himself the next words. Kinda cute :D

What’s even better is that I’ve memorized these too! Love memorizing scripture with the kids! We are continuing on with our theme of “Be Like Christ” and finding verses to memorize. What are your favourite verses you’ve memorized recently?

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