My friend Kelli is hosting a new link up over on her blog, Adventurez In Child Rearing. It’s all about kids helping in the kitchen! She is such an inspiration to me, because she gets all 3 of her boys in the kitchen and cooking with her! This is something I have always wanted to do with my boys, and Keeker, but I think I’m too particular about the timing…the safety…the mess :D

But I remember how often my mom had us in the kitchen, learning to cook and bake, and how it has helped me so much now. I want my children to be able to have the same experiences! Plus it is great time to bond :0)

Keeker already is the one who loves to be in the kitchen with me. She’s an easy one to pull in to help with anything (the boys are eager, it’s more me who doesn’t approach it with them).

She loves to help me make the coffee in the morning and serve it to her daddy.

Saturday mornings she also helps me with pancakes or waffles.

She’s getting better on the scooping and stirring, almost less mess than mommy makes :D

It’s a start for now! We’re linking up with Kelli and looking forward to many more adventures in the kitchen… with kids!

This is a blog hop!